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Dads Have Rights Too!! HB1351


HB 1351 passed in July of 2019. It is posted ABOVE IN THE GALLERY for your review as well. Last year - men's groups and mental-health professionals came out in favor of custody schedules that INCLUDE recommendations that children spend equal amounts of time with both parents and even sometimes even at the cost of "consistency." I concur with this push for children to spend equal time with their parents.

Men have long faced a steep legal climb if they wanted primary or even shared custody of their children. Societies have long been based on women raising the children and to some degree this thinking remains around us. My professional view is that neither parent should have a leg-up in a custody battle because of their gender.

Here is the SIMPLE TRUTH: Kids need time with both parents. Especially if those parents are healthy and mature. In my legal opinion the BEST INTERESTS STANDARDS are DESIGNED to weed out the more healthy and mature parent and then assign them primary custody.

I hope that HB 1351 will make a great dent in assessing whether BOTH PARENTS are healthy and mature and if 50/50 or some form or shared custody makes more sense than primary with one parent.

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