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Hi, thanks for stopping by. You must be considering hiring an attorney for a custody case? I hope that you choose to call my firm. Let me share with you that I am a veteran, I studied at Georgetown Law and that I have owned and operated The Hawk Law Firm, PLLC since 2016. I have studied and litigated in the field of family-law and custody specifically since 2016. I am a full-time, child custody litigation and mediation lawyer. I am a Virginia attorney and I am proud to have two offices - one in Northern Virginia and the other one in Fauquier County. I have enjoyed helping folks with their custody battles for years and have enjoyed helping ensure custody outcomes which are in the best interests of the children. I hope to speak with you in the future and welcome you to read more about what our clients are interested in below:

Do you think you should have joint legal custody or some other type of legal custody? Probably having a custody lawyer
is the smartest thing to try and get joint custody, sole custody, shared custody or any other custody schedule that is in your children's best interests at heart!

I am a dedicated custody lawyer who believes in strong parenting plans where children get to be with their parents equally or whatever arrangement is best suited for the children.

Having a child custody attorney can usually be beneficial if you want physical custody of your children. Getting a custody agreement and parenting plan involves custody papers I have drafted in my practice hundreds of times. These documents can be confusing or misread. I can help clarify them for you.

I either mediate or litigate custody issues and find that requests like full custody must be grounded in the fact that you have been the primary custodian of the children in the past or if somehow it is really in the kid's best interests that you should have primary custody.

I also help those parents that have only had temporary custody or doesn't have any legal custody but should. Perhaps this parent wasn't present at the hearing where the court awarded custody and has a strong case they should have joint legal custody of their child.

Please call for a consultation and we can discuss the facts of your specific case. You likely will gain more custody and more time with a custody attorney rather than without one. Please, get counsel, even if not with Hawk Law. Best of luck to you and your family!

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