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  • Claudia T. Greves

    Attorney, Mediator and Veteran

    Ms. Claudia T. Greves, JD, MBA,

    Attorney, Litigator, Mediator and Veteran

    Georgetown University Law Center J.D.

    University of Mary Washington MBA

    University of Mary Washington Alumnus

    United States Navy Veteran

    Partner @ Hawk Law Since 2016

    Partner @ Eagle Mediation Since 2019

    Solo, Trial-litigator in Virginia Courts. Currently litigates in Circuit Court & Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. Sole Practitioner. Mediator for all family-law matters from modification through divorce, Protective Orders & Rules to Show Cause. Works for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Clients. Member of the Virginia State Bar, Virginia Women Attorney's Association, the Fairfax Bar Association, the Loudoun Bar Association, Member of the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar and the Family Law Section of the Fairfax Bar Association. Call or email Miss Claudia today!


    Direct Line: 703-273-2090

  • 5 STARS

    "Ms. Claudia and her team are the most amazing people I have ever met! I could not be more fortunate in my decision to hire Ms. Claudia and her absolutely incredible team at Hawk Law Firm."

    5 STARS

    "Claudia Greves was a lifesaver in a swirling sea of emotional custodial family matters. Claudia is very experienced and knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me. She was available daily and responded directly to all my questions promptly and professionally. I am truly grateful for everything she did for my family."

    5 STARS

    "Thank you Miss Claudia and staff for handling my case in a professional manner. I thank you so much for causing my problems to end and for all your support even after hours!!!"

    5 STARS

    "Miss Claudia and everyone at Hawk Law are amazing! They were welcoming and made the divorce experience as positive as it could be from day one."

    5 STARS

    "I was blessed to have found The Hawk Law Firm in the midst of a very scary and stressful time in my life. If you're looking for an attorney who is extremely knowledgeable, diligent, and has a heart, look no further. It's very rare nowadays to find a law firm that has integrity and such morals. Hawk Law Firm is one of those. You're not just another client; you're treated with respect and care."

    5 STARS

    "5 stars from me for sure! I was so fortunate to find Hawk Law. I interviewed 5 lawyers from different law firms and it didn't feel right. Some didn't understand, others didn't appear to want to fight for what I wanted, others just scared me with the cost. When I spoke to Miss Claudia I found all I was looking for - the lawyer who will stand up and fight for me."

    5 STARS

    "I recommend The Hawk Law Firm to everyone. Claudia helped my best friend go through her divorce and she was very prompt and understanding to my friend needs. I will also like to mention that her staff is excellent on what they do too. Thanks again Hawk Law firm."

    5 STARS

    "5 stars still doesn't seem to be enough to give Claudia and Hawk Law. There are lawyers who practice because they're motivated by money, ego, etc. and then there are the rare ones like Claudia who practice because it is a passion and a deeply held sense of duty and commitment for her."

    5 STARS

    "I am very satisfied with the attention and the courtesy of the lawyer Claudia and the group of very kind workers and very aware of my case. They understand my petitions and I recommend them to anyone who needs legal advice and I recommend them to Claudia!"

    5 STARS

    "I highly recommend this office, Ms. Claudia and the people that works here always make you feel like family."

    5 STARS

    "I'm so grateful that I found Ms. Claudia and the Hawk Law Firm. I was having the worse time navigating a custody issue with my ex and she went through all the legal options with me a helped me through the process of making the best decision for my child. I love how patient, candid and responsive she is and just how wonderful all the folks are over there."

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  • Are You Facing One of These

    Common Custody Issues?

    Call Us and Schedule a Consultation. We Can Help.

    Parental Loss of Communication?

    Has the other parent stopped you from talking with your kids?

    Has your ex made communication with your children really difficult? Too many times one parent stops communication between the other parent and the children - this can be an important matter in custody litigation. If the other parent has stopped you from seeing your children or talking with your children, please call us. We can help. No parent, without a court order specifically ordering the same or without just cause, should stop their children from having contact with the other parent. This is just cause to sometimes switch custody to the non-violating parent. This is a serious and harmful violation by one parent and we have litigated many emergency custody petitions and motions to help non-violating parents regain contact with their children and sometimes take primary custody. Call us for a consultation now.

    Children Failing Academically?

    Are your children doing poorly in school?

    Academic success of children is very important to most courts and most parents. Are your children really struggling with their grades under the primary care of the other parent? Do you have the time to invest to help them do better but for some reason you are blocked, either by the custody schedule or the other parent, from doing so? Can you telecommute or is someone in your family available to tutor the children? These may be reasons for a custody modification or custody award. We may be able to help you. Please call us for a consultation.

    Custody Relocation?

    Are you planning on or have recently changed homes? Has your Ex?

    Have you notified the other parent in writing? Also, have you notified the court? Relocation can be a reason to revisit an old Custody Order and perhaps review parental primary custody. A relocation can be an important matter if it disrupts the children's lives or their relationships with the non-moving parent. We have litigated many Motions to Enjoin Relocation. We have successfully argued "relocation" in many civil cases and based the case on the detrimental affects the relocation is having on the children. If there is a relocation issue in your case please call us for a consultation.

    Custody Scheduling Issues?

    Arguing for more holiday or summer time with your children?

    Would it benefit your children to spend additional time with you over the summer or even during holidays not currently on your schedule? Is the other parent not supportive of the children spending equal time with parents during the holidays or school breaks? Do you think the schedule needs to be changed to benefit your children? Call for consultation now. We understand the importance of custody scheduling and have worked with hundreds of clients to find more appropriate and workable custody schedules for their families.

    Other Parent Micromanages?

    Is this harmful to your children?

    We understand these "behaviors" and if they are harmful to your children you should call us! Parents must learn to co-parent gently, wisely and with care so that children have the best chance in life. Call us for a consultation today.

    Other Parent is Inconsistent?

    Is this harmful to your children?

    Would it benefit your children for you to have sole legal custody or final decision making authority? Does the other parent come in and out of your children's lives? Is the other parent physically neglectful or abusive toward the children? Are they mentally neglectful or abusive? Please call CPS or 911 immediately if you suspect any physical abuse whatsoever and call us for consultation so we can discuss more.

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