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    Family-Law Representation

    or Divorce / Custody Mediation

    Most People Today Do Not Want to Spend the Time, the Money or the Grief that Comes with Divorce Litigation!

    If That Sounds Like You & Your Spouse - We Can Help!

    Understanding Divorce in Virginia

    Virginia Separation Requirements

    To obtain a divorce in Virginia, either you or your spouse must be a resident of Virginia for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. If there are no children from the marriage, you must be separated for a minimum of six months and have a written property settlement agreement before you may file for divorce. If there are children from the marriage, you must be separated a minimum of one year before you may file for divorce. Source: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/circuit/civil-case-information/divorce

    Representing Yourself

    Sure You Save Money but it Comes with Risks - Minimize Those With Our Help!

    If you choose to represent yourself, you will be expected to follow the same procedures as an attorney. Please do not ask court personnel for legal advice or assistance. Court personnel are prohibited by state law from giving you legal advice or assistance. Source: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/circuit/civil-case-information/divorce

    How We Can Help Without Breaking the Bank

    We Are Family-Law Lawyers & We Can Guide & Advise You!

    We can negotiate with your spouse for you or with your spouse's attorney. We can draft all important legal documents you will need to navigate the Virginia Legal Requirements for Divorce &/or Custody Orders & Agreements. We know all of this from the inside of the courtroom! We can also mediate and family-law matter & prepare the legal documentation that would be necessary and proper for filing.

    What is Pre/Post-Court Representation?

    We Are Family-Law Lawyers & We Can Negotiate For You, Guide You,

    Draft For You & Advise You Affordably!

    • Negotiations with Spouse
    • Negotiations with Spouse's Counsel
    • Sound Legal Advice
    • Letters sent on Your Behalf
    • Legal-Document Drafting on your Behalf
    • Guidance for Legal Strategy 
    • Explanation of Virginia Laws
    • Support pre-trial with preparation of evidence.
    • Representation at any Settlement or Mediation Conference

    Why does this Type of Pre/Post-Court Representation Cost Less?  

    So you can save your money for litigation if that becomes necessary!

    Because if/when you need a litigating attorney you will need every dollar saved for them! Usually $325 to $450 an hour - it is VERY, VERY expensive to litigate.

    Keeping that in mind we try to make all of the services you need pre and post court affordable and economical.

    Is Pre/Post Court Representation Right For You?

    Maybe if You Answer Yes to These Questions!

    1. So far, has everyone stayed out of court?
    2. Do you hope to find a way to settle your case?
    3. Do you need someone to negotiate for you?
    4. Do you wish you had legal documents to get a divorce?
    5. If you had legal guidance would you follow it and try to find solutions?
    *Open & Active Case? On Appeal? We have bundles for you too!

    Can We Mediate Our Divorce / Custody Issue?

    YES if you answer all 6 questions "yes."

    1. Are both you & your spouse sane?
    2. Do you hope to find a way to settle your case?
    3. Do you wish someone would evaluate you & your spouse's case?
    4. Would you listen to an Attorney-Mediator who has experience in the courtroom?
    5. Are you open to new solutions & different options?
    6. Do you want to save on average $20,000 per couple on your divorce?

    Why is Hawk Law Different?

    Because We Care & We Believe Everyone Should Get Affordable Legal Counsel.

    1. Because we believe that law is an honorable profession.
    2. That should be done with care.
    3. And we are veteran-owned & operated.
    4. And we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*.
    *You are fully satisfied with the quality of our services or your money back.
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    If you & your spouse will agree to the terms of the divorce we will help you complete the divorce legally. Our Divorce Attorney will professionally prepare the proper documents and filings, make all necessary court appearances & provide you & your spouse with a Final Divorce Decree and Name Change (if desired) in 4-8 week time-frame (on average).
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    Attorney-Led Mediations which help you resolve all Divorce & Custody Matters & allows you to file for an Uncontested Divorce. Comprehensive: MSA/PSA included.
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    Our Family-Law Attorney will represent you and we will negotiate on your behalf with your spouse or your spouse's counsel.
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    Drafting services on-site and fast turn-around for all documents: Marital Settlement Agreements, Property Settlement Agreements, Custody Agreements, Consent Orders and various other documents. Divorce, Custody, pendente lite, Circuit Court Appeal, Protective Orders, Spousal Support, Child Support and Rules to Show Cause.
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    Attorney Advice; Case Negotiations (we will negotiate on your behalf with your spouse or your spouse's counsel.); Fast Legal-Document Drafting (Motions, Pleadings, Agreements); Case Analysis by Litigating Trial-Attorney; Answers to all of your Legal Questions; Guidance for Trial-Preparation & Attorney will communicate on your behalf with spouse or spouse's attorney. Out-Of-Court-Representation.
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    Claudia T. Greves, JD, MBA,

    Attorney & Mediator

    Georgetown University Law Center J.D. University of Mary Washington MBA University of Mary Washington Alumni United States Navy Veteran

    & Partner @ Hawk Law Since 2016.

    Miss Claudia is a Trial-litigator in Virginia Courts. Currently litigates in Circuit Court & Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. Miss Claudia also mediates for all matters from modification through divorce, Protective Orders & Rules to Show Cause. Member of the Virginia State Bar, Virginia Women Attorney's Association and the Fairfax Bar Assoc. Member of the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar and the Family Law Section of the Fairfax Bar Association. She will provide you friendly, helpful and knowledgeable advice and guidance throughout your divorce &/or custody battles.

    Jessica Beggs

    Law Clerk

    Pre-Law Student at Virginia Tech.

    Friendly, helpful & knowledgeable.

    Law Clerk since 2018.

    Miss Jessica is our Senior Law Clerk and she has a depth of family-law knowledge that informs her interactions with clients and lawyers alike.

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    Legal Assistant

    More than 15 years expertise is providing 5-Star Service. Fully Bi-Lingual in Spanish & English.

    Client-Concierge since 2017.

    Mr. Carlos is our Senior Client Concierge & he & his staff are at your service to help & assist you in any way you may need. Mr. Carlos also helps folks sign up for & understand our services.

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