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    This can be a very traumatic period in your life. Divorce, Separation and Custody Battles are all some of the most difficult times for anyone to endure. We understand that you aren't sure where to turn or what to do. Why not start with a consultation to talk over your family matter? Why not talk with us and let's see if we can help!

    Daily Consultations Available On The Hour: $199*.




    40 minutes with Attorney

    Regularly: $300.00

    *Only through September

    Litigating, Trial-Lawyer will Advise you on how to prevail in Custody and Litigation Matters. Or find out what you should do in your case, if you have been served a summons, Rule to Show Cause or other type of Petition or Complaint.

    Legal Drafting Services


    per hour

    Regularly: $450.00

    *Only through September

    Georgetown Attorney does all drafting. Licensed in Virginia.

    Best value. Marital Settlement Agreements, Custody Agreements, Divorce Documents and more.

    Uncontested Divorces


    all services included.

    Regularly: $3,450.00

    *Only through September

    Fast and Simple Virginia Divorce. We Do Everything! No Court! Complete Process Included.

  • Recommended

    Legal Name Change



    Regularly: $699.00

    *Only through September

    Quick Turnaround. Have Your Name Changed Legally Today!

    Family-Law Opinion Letters



    Regularly: $750.00

    *Only through September

    Popular for Settling disputes. All Issues for Custody, Support, etc. Georgetown Educated, Virginia Trial Litigator prepares and provides letter stating current case law, wisdom from legal treatises and the attorney's own view of the issues, and if asked, who should prevail in such a case.


    Family-Law Mediations



    Regularly: $5,750.00

    *Only through September

    Don't go to trial - Mediate with us instead! Mediation with Trial Attorney. Complete Divorce Process amd 3 hours of mediation Included! Scheduling by Zoom and for the month of August and September! CALL NOW! Only 3 spaces left.

    Quit Claim, Transfer on Death or Marital Transfer Deeds



    Regularly: $499.00

    *Only through September

    Quick Turnaround. Have Your Deed in the Correct Names!

  • 5 Star Google Published Review #1 of #45

    "Ms. Claudia and her team are the most amazing people I have ever met! I could not be more fortune in my decision to hire Ms. Claudia and her absolutely incredible team at Hawk Law Firm. Ms. Claudia and her office provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details. Ms. Claudia's attitude is just so beautiful, full of energy and knowledge. She really made me feel not just like a client, but family. Ms. Claudia's legal fee's are very affordable and your rights are always protected with this firm. You won't be disappointed."

    5 Star Google Published Review #2 of 45

    "Claudia Greves was a lifesaver in a swirling sea of emotional custodial family matters. Claudia and her office demonstrated the utmost professionalism, personal attention to all details, and always has amazing responsive service. My family and I were treated like friends and our opinions were valued while my doubts, were always reassured. Claudia is very experienced and knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me. She was available daily and responded directly to all my questions promptly and professionally. I am truly grateful for everything she did for my family. I would highly recommend and refer Claudia and her firm to all my friends and family."

    5 Star Google Published Review #3 of 45

    "Thank you Miss Claudia and staff for handling my case in a professional manner. I thank you so much for causing my problems to end and for all your support even after hours. You and your staff made me feel at home and comfortable to talk to about my case. I definitely recommend The Hawk Law Firm for its professionalism and friendliness and efficiency. Blessings!!!"

    5 Star Google Published Review #4 of 45

    "Miss Claudia and everyone at Hawk Law are amazing! They were welcoming and made the divorce experience as positive as it could be from day one. They helped with the confidence and positive attitude I needed to come out of a truly awful marriage, and as a single mother the payment plan was heaven sent! Thank you all!!!"

    5 Star Google Published Review #5 of 45

    "I was blessed to have found The Hawk Law Firm in the midst of a very scary and stressful time in my life. If you're looking for an attorney who is extremely knowledgeable, diligent, and has a heart, look no further. It's very rare nowadays to find a law firm that has integrity and such morals. Hawk Law Firm is one of those. You're not just another client; you're treated with respect and care."

    5 Star Google Published Review #6 of 45

    "5 stars from me for sure! I was so fortunate to find Hawk Law. I interviewed 5 lawyers from different law firms and it didn't feel right. Some didn't understand, others didn't appear to want to fight for what I wanted, others just scared me with the cost. When I spoke to Miss Claudia I found all I was looking for - the lawyer who will stand up and fight for me, the friend with a heart to listen and understand my specific situation, and the payment plans that put me at ease financially. All I can say is THANK YOU! God bless you!"

    5 Star Google Published Review #7 of 45

    "I recommend The Hawk Law Firm to everyone. Claudia helped my best friend go through her divorce and she was very prompt and understanding to my friend needs. She is wonderful and also very helpful. She has showed that she has a caring heart for her clients. Thank You Claudia you were great and we appreciate your help with the divorce. I will also like to mention that her staff is excellent on what they do too. Thanks again Hawk Law firm."

    5 Star Google Published Review #8 of 45

    "5 stars still doesn't seem to be enough to give Claudia and Hawk Law. There are lawyers who practice because they're motivated by money, ego, etc. and then there are the rare ones like Claudia who practice because it is a passion and a deeply held sense of duty and commitment for her. Claudia and her whole team of Alexa, Fransesca, and Carlos are the consummate professionals who put clients first and foremost whom deserve the utmost of respect, recognition, and recommendation that one can provide. A word of advice for current and potential clients - ALWAYS listen to their advice and instructions, even if you disagree. I assure you they have your case's best interest in mind, and sometimes you need to just trust the strategy and think big picture."

    5 Star Google Published Review #9 of 45

    "I am very satisfied with the attention and the courtesy of the lawyer Claudia and the group of very kind workers and very aware of my case. They understand my petitions and I recommend them to anyone who needs legal advice and I recommend them to Claudia!"

    5 Star Google Published Review #10 of 45

    "I highly recommend this office, Ms. Claudia and the people that works here always make you feel like family. They guide me well through all this process.
    If you do not speak English there is no problem, Mr. Carlos will be there to help you, nothing is simple but with the help of the right people like those who work at Hawk Law Firm you can find and guide you on a new path to tranquility."

    5 Star Google Published Review #11 of 45

    "I'm so grateful that I found Ms. Claudia and the Hawk Law Firm. I was having the worse time navigating a custody issue with my ex and she went through all the legal options with me a helped me through the process of making the best decision for my child. I love how patient, candid and responsive she is and just how wonderful all the folks are over there. The best part is that they're not out to suck you dry financially. I wish more firms were like them."

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  • Why hire a Neighborhood Lawyer for Advice, to Litigate or to Mediate? Because We Know NOVA Courts!

    • Because you deserve competent advice so that you may better prepare for a custody battle or divorce litigation;
    • Because you deserve cost-efficient and competent legal and mediation services and formidable representation or advocacy;
    • Because you deserve to be treated like a "neighbor" and with respect and understanding;
    • Because you deserve to be told the truth;
    • Because you deserve to be to be apprised of all developments and updates in your case;
    • Because you deserve to be to have weekly communications with your attorney;
    • Because you deserve to be to have legal theory and important issues in your case clarified; 
    • Because you deserve to be to fully and completely understand for what services you are billed;
    • Because you deserve to be to have an attorney free of conflicts;
    • Because you deserve friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and competent legal help;
    • Because you deserve to  receive copies of all documents and correspondence in your case in a prompt manner; and
    • Because you deserve to sit down with your attorney and find out what steps to take next.

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    Ms. Claudia T. Greves, JD, MBA,

    Attorney, Litigator, Mediator and Veteran

    Georgetown University Law Center J.D.

    University of Mary Washington MBA

    University of Mary Washington Alumnus

    United States Navy Veteran

    Partner @ Hawk Law Since 2016

    Partner @ Eagle Mediation Since 2019

    Trial-litigator in Virginia Courts. Currently litigates in Circuit Court & Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. Sole Practitioner. Mediator for all family-law matters from modification through divorce, Protective Orders & Rules to Show Cause. Works for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Clients. Member of the Virginia State Bar, Virginia Women Attorney's Association, the Fairfax Bar Association, the Loudoun Bar Association, Member of the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar and the Family Law Section of the Fairfax Bar Association. Call or email Miss Claudia today!


    Direct Line: 703-273-2090

    Mr. Carlos Ampuero

    Senior Legal Assistant and Office Manager

    More than 15 years expertise in providing 5-Star Service. Fully Bi-Lingual: Spanish and English. Provides administrative, litigation and legal support. Call or email Mr. Carlos today!


    Direct Line: 703-273-2090

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